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Guns: Not the Best Weapons for Self-Defense

Guns for Self Defense

As a personal defense instructor, I encounter people every day who say: “My self-defense is my .357 Magnum.”

Many people seem to have this idea that if they own a gun they are safe, or if they can shoot a paper target in a calm environment that they have self-defense skills.

However, the reality is, owning and carrying a gun is more about making you feel safe, not actually providing protection.

Let me ask you this question: If you are one of the people who owns and carries a gun. Where is your gun at this very moment? Is it in your glove compartment? Is it under your car seat? Is it in your backpack or your purse? Is it in the nightstand or in a lockbox under the bed? Is it strapped to your ankle under your pants?

Now, let me ask you:

Have you ever put yourself in a situation to practice how quickly you can access your gun while under pressure, like a surprise attack from behind?

Have you practiced shooting your gun when your heart is pumping at three times its normal rate, which is what it would do if you suddenly had a surge of adrenaline?

Have you ever tested your ability to stop someone from hitting you long enough for you to get your gun out of your purse or holster?

What do you do when you go into a bank, post office or your child’s school, are you keeping your gun in the car or carrying it with you illegally?

Have you ever looked in someone’s eyes no matter how scared or pissed you are and think: “I could kill this person, no problem”? Because that is what pulling the trigger means. What if you miss and hit a grandmother, sister, or mother-to-be, instead.

If you kill someone with your gun, are you prepared to stand trial for it, and possibly go to prison? “Self defense” is a legal defense used in a courtroom. It is not something you just tell the police after you shoot and kill someone with your gun, and they just say “okay, if you say so,” and let you go.

Just to be clear, I am pro-gun, but I am also very realistic about how I am going to defend myself should I ever be attacked.

The two weapons I always have with me for protection are my mind and my body. My mind, your mind, is the most powerful weapon ever created.

  1. I carry my brain and body with me everywhere I go. They are allowed in schools, banks, post offices, the mall, at work…everywhere.
  2. I don’t have to worry that I can’t access the resources of my brain and my body, if I need them quickly.
  3. I don’t have to worry that I will kill an innocent bystander with a stray thought, like I could with a stray bullet.

At 360 Personal Protection, we teach you how to use your mind and your body as weapons to defend yourself against any size or type of attacker, without the use of a gun, pepper spray, Taser or any other kind of weapon. We also simulate real-life situations so you can practice your skills.

Why? Because a criminal who is looking to victimize you isn’t going to give you a warning. He is not going to say: “Hey, I’m about to attack you, so get ready.” He’s not going to give you time to fumble through your purse or run to your bedroom or unstrap your gun from your holster before he attacks you.

He’s going to jump you when you least expect it, and if you don’t know how to keep your wits about you, how to think is a high-stress situation when adrenaline is pumping through your body, and how to leverage the power of your own body to defend yourself, you will be injured, maybe even killed.

And, according to statistics, most likely with your own gun.

Personal Defense Readiness Class, Feb 22 @ FitN30


self defense training spear systemMark your calendar and plan to attend this all-day, hands-on training intensive, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at FitN30 in Sanford, Florida. Certified Personal Defense Readiness Instructor John Frederick will teach you about the psychology of fear and the “startle/flinch” neurological response and how it impacts our ability to make decisions in critical, life threatening situations. You’ll learn combat techniques and tactics based on years of human behavior research, and tested on the street. You’ll learn how to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation before it occurs. You’ll learn how to quickly subdue and control a persistent attacker regardless of strength or size.

WHAT: Personal Defense Readiness All Day, Hands-On Training

WHO: For Men and Women (No experience required.)

WHERE: FitN30, 1859 Rinehart Road, Sanford, FL 32771

WHEN: February 22, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Saturday)

INVESTMENT: $149/Participant

WHY: Because one day your life may depend on your ability to protect yourself. How much is your life worth to you?


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