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Personal Defense Readiness Class, Feb 22 @ FitN30


self defense training spear systemMark your calendar and plan to attend this all-day, hands-on training intensive, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at FitN30 in Sanford, Florida. Certified Personal Defense Readiness Instructor John Frederick will teach you about the psychology of fear and the “startle/flinch” neurological response and how it impacts our ability to make decisions in critical, life threatening situations. You’ll learn combat techniques and tactics based on years of human behavior research, and tested on the street. You’ll learn how to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation before it occurs. You’ll learn how to quickly subdue and control a persistent attacker regardless of strength or size.

To Prevail in a Street Fight, Trust Your Instincts

Tony Blauer, David Perrington

Tony Blauer founder of the S.P.E.A.R. system and 360 Personal Protection instructor David Perrington

Most self-defense training programs are based on martial arts and mastering fighting techniques, which can take years to learn before they can be used effectively. In fact, the news is filled with stories of crime victims who studied martial arts for years, but failed to protect themselves from serious harm or death when faced with a violent attack.

Refuse to be a Victim

nra refuse to be a victim

Take control. Refuse to be a victim of violence!

Contrary to popular belief, the National Rifle Association not only promotes the right of every American to bear firearms, but it also develops educational programs designed to help citizens protect themselves without weapons. The NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim program has helped thousands of people across the country develop personal safety plans to keep them safe in their homes, vehicles, workplaces and other public places.

Here are a few safety tips from the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim program you can implement today to help you better protect yourself and the people you love:

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3 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Being a Crime Victim

Refuse to be a victim, protect yourself from violence

Project confidence and awareness of your surroundings to minimize your chances of being the victim of a violent crime.

The first step in reducing your chances of becoming a victim of a crime is to assess your public demeanor. When you are walking in public spaces (for instance, in the grocery store parking lot, to and from the mall, or to your car after work), what are you doing and how are you doing it? Do you typically juggle multiple items in your hands? Are you texting while you are walking? Do you look around you as you walk, or do you walk with your head down?

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